Who is Father Graham

Graham Hattche is also known as “Father Graham”


I live in Central Victoria, Australia with Mike.

In 2015 My mother was 100 and I asked her why does she think so is still mentally so alert and her advice was, “keep your brain active or it will go to sleep”. So in my retirement, I decided to use the internet to its fullest and be a mentor for men, mainly Gay men, and with a specialty for Christian men. I have mentored thousands of men online, to live lives with purpose.  


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Mike and I have traveled the world extensively by air and cruises.

Even though we have been to the USA 15 times,  but nothing was like this one in 2020 just before the Covid19 pandemic was extraordinary. It was so not normal traveling and from our experiences, it inspired me to write my 3rd book called “The Journey”.


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Unique possibilities

I have been given extraordinary powerful supernatural gifts, to help all people change their lives to one with purpose and happiness and satisfaction.

I have three full web sites totally constructed and serviced by me.

I have never been anything remotely like an author. My Siblings are astonished that I could be an author and actually think I am joking with them.

I used to live as the perfect Christian family man with children with a Christian based business, but living a lie. Then I divorced my wife then I met Mike and we moved 3300 kms east to start a new life together. 

In my life I have experienced some amazing things and with my mentoring , I put into practice what I have learnt and I get people to communicate and often answer their own questions.

I work on this ministry in all-time zones and its a 24-hour appointment in this quest of a ministry, a ministry that will soon become worldwide.