Who is Father Graham

Graham Hattche is also known as “Father Graham”


I live in New Zealand with Mike my partner of 20 years.

In 2015 My mother was 100 and I asked her why does she think so is still mentally so alert and her advice was, “keep your brain active or it will go to sleep”.

So in my retirement, I decided to use the internet to its fullest and be a mentor for men, mainly Gay men, and with a specialty for Christian men. I have mentored thousands of men online, to live happy and healthy lives with purpose.  




the journey

Mike and I have traveled the world extensively, but this vacation was different.


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Unique possibilities

I have been given extraordinary powerful supernatural gifts, to help all people change their lives to one with

purpose, happiness and satisfaction.

I have five full web sites totally constructed and serviced by me.

I have never been anything remotely like an author. I often get critized for me grammer, but im doing my very best.

My Siblings are astonished that I could be an author and actually think I am joking with them.

I used to live as the perfect Christian family man with children with a Christian based business, but living a lie. Then I divorced my wife then I met Mike and we moved 3300 kms east on the other side of Australia to start a new life together. 

In my life I have experienced some amazing things and with my mentoring , I put into practice what I have learnt and I get people to communicate and often answer their own questions.

I work on this ministry in all-time zones and its a 24-hour appointment in this quest of a ministry.