Covid19 instant cure and protection

Can satan kill Covid19 and the flue?

Last year ( 2020 ), Satan gave me immunity to Covid 19 in a spectacular way*.

Over the last 10 months I have asked him for proof, Because I didnt want to purposly test its resilence by exposing myself to covid19.


Last week I felt the flu coming on.

Headache, listless, sneezing, sore throat.

I went to bed early because of it.


Before getting into bed, I prayed to him by asking him for guidance, inspiration and a good nights rest and sleep. 

Then I got into bed and I noticed the odor in my nose strengthen to be stronger.

Overnight, Satan purged his power through my nose and released the strong odor so every breath I took, the deodorized air killed the virus.

The next day the flue was gone and not come back.

Thats Satans power as its best.

*If you want to read how Satan gave me immunity to Covid19, go read my Ebook ” The Journey”. 

If you want to hear way more I will go on skype for you but there are conditions

The Journey






Father Graham