These two E’Books have been redesigned with new content

Two Books that compliment each other

“A new age” and “Being called”.

Two very successful Books, Editorials, and real testimonies from mainly the LGBT community. People have made lifetime commitments and now are finding new depths of satisfaction and happiness by removing religious brainwashing. Both of these books have saved Suicides and divorces.

Both of these books have new covers and names and are completely revised with new content.

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my newest book

“The Journey”

This EBook was inspired by our visit to the USA prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

The Journey over the USA was humanly impossible. 

Meeting people with in depth conversations in the Amtrak dining cars, to being protected from mixing with people, to being guided around the USA before the pandemic hit. Being given immunity to Covid19. Satans infleuence in getting us on one over booked aircraft. Getting us to travel by Greyhound Bus rather than fly, to having happy and helpfull Greyhound drivers.  The whole experience was extraordinary

Over and over we were protected from the Virus then given immunity to it with full protection.




Books in English

Other languages planned

All books are compiled and written by Father Graham, aka Graham Hattche.


A fines de 2023, los libros del padre Gaham se escribirán en español y todas las referencias en español

Todos los libros están compilados y escritos por el padre Graham, también conocido como Graham Hattche.


Being called

As a mentor, I experience that many people are looking for meaning and direction in this unpredictable decade. Also, Religious brainwashing taints the true meaning of many issues. Also, this book contains real testimonies from people that I have mentored.



Being called


A new age

This book is a sequel to “Being called” with some reports that continue in this book. 

“Being Called” was so successful that this book was produced to encourage people to follow its helpful and encouraging suggestions.



A new age



The Journey

This book is totally different to the other two books.

Its main core is a report from our time in the USA prior to the impending pandemic, during February and March 2020.

During our time we were protected in an amazing supernatural way that it was obvious at the time that some supernatural force was protecting us from this impending pandemic.

Also, many other supernatural forces affected our lives in such difficult circumstances.

The journey



Soft Covered Book


Soft cover Book


The ultimate collection

Reading is knowledge, knowledge is power and experience is the ultimate of knowledge